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Nera Stipičević, Actress

Playing Range: Age 25 - 35
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown/Amber
Place of residence: Zagreb, Croatia

Languages: Croatian (native), Bosnian, Serbian, English, French, Italian, Spanish.

Additional Talents/Skills: Singing – alto/mezzosoprano, Dancing (Tap, Standard, Latin, Belly), Playing (Piano, Guitar), Composing Music & Lyrics, Presenting, Driving license


  • 2018 "At the End of Death", director Andelo Jurkas (Dop Production/Zagreb, Role: She)
  • "Who is messing with my Datas?", director Tomislav Šoban (AZOP/Zagreb, Role: Bozena)

  • 2017 "Zora", EBU Drama, director Kras Gančev (HRT Production/Zagreb, Role: Zora’s Mum)
  • "Who is messing with my Datas?", director Tomislav Šoban (AZOP/Zagreb, Role: Bozena)

  • 2016 "Black and White World", ep.1, 2, TV seria, director Goran Kulenovic (Interfilm production/Zagreb, Role: Secretary Tajana)

  • 2015 "Rest in Peace", II, ep. 9, TV seria, director Goran Rukavina (Role: Doctor)

  • 2014 "Borgia - Faith and Fear", III, ep. 311., director Metin Huseyin (Atlantique productions, Role: Imola Woman)
  • "Dear Ljiljo", director Hrvoje Zupančić (Role: Nun)

  • 2013 "Diana", director Oliver Hirschbiegel (Role: Italian Niece)
  • "Dancing with the Stars Special" / Winner Croatian National TV, HRT1
  • "The Enchanting Porkers", director Ivan Livakovic (Role: Father’s Mistress)
  • "Fuga & Mysterio", director Sara Hribar (Role: Lotta)

  • 2011 "Nick", director Fow Pyng Hu (Role: Joe’s Wife)

  • 2010 "Some Other Stories", director Ivona Juka (Leading Role: Sonia)
  • "Dancing With The Stars” / ”Strictly Come Dancing" / Winner of the season (Croatian National Television)

  • 2009 "Dirty Little Bubbles", director Ivan Livakovic (Role: Mistress)
  • "Pandemic", director Ivan Livakovic (Role: Nurse)

  • 2003 "Story Super Nova Music Talent Show" (Croatian Talent Show), Finalist


  • 2018 "Er ist wieder da", director Marko Juraga (Theatre Komedija/Zagreb, Role: Renate Kunast)

  • 2017 "Faraon", director Kresimir Dolencic (Theatre Komedija/Zagreb, Role: Dr. Inga)
  • "Italian straw hat", director Georgij Paro (Theatre Komedija/Zagreb, Role: Virginie)
  • "Cinderella", Musical, director Robert Boskovic (Emotion Production/Belgrade/Zagreb, Role: Grace)

  • 2016 "The Lady from Maxim’s", director Ivica Kuncevic (Theatre Komedija/Zagreb, Role: Virette)
  • "Eko Eko", director Radovan Ruzdjak, (Theatre Tresnja/Zagreb, Role: Vaz)
  • "Othelo", director Ivica Boban (Dubrovnik Summer Games 67th /Dubrovnik, Role: Ciprian girl)
  • "The Sound of Music", Musical, director Nina Kleflin (Croatian National Theatre/Osijek, Role: Elsa Schraeder)
  • "Golden Tooth Reflection", director Zoran Muzic, (Theatre Komedija/Zagreb, Role: Mara)
  • "The Grimm Brothers and Princess Louise", director Paolo Tisljaric (Theatre Tresnja/Zagreb, Role: Servant, Squirrel)

  • 2015 "FreeDA", Monodrama, Authorial project of Nera Stipicevic and Mia Biondic (Soba2/Zagreb, Role: FreeDA)
  • "Shoemaker and the Devil!", director Sasa Broz (Theatre Tresnja/Zagreb, Role: Plamenka - the Devil)

  • 2014 "JG Matricule 192102", director Stefano Ricci, Gianni Forte (Ecole des Maitres, Role: Flower

  • 2013 "War and Peace", director Tomaz Pandur (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Leading Role: Natasha Rostova)
  • "Cricket and the Ant", director Nina Kleflin (Theatre Tresnja, Role: Baby)

  • 2012 "Restless Feet", director Sasa Anocic (Theatre Exit, Role: Milica)
  • "And again... Miffy", director Bruun Kuijt (Theatre Tresnja, Role: Nina)

  • 2011 "War and Peace", director Tomaz Pandur (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Role: Sonia Rostova)
  • "Princess and the Frog", director Nina Kleflin (Theatre Tresnja, Leading role: The Princess)

  • 2010 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", director Ivana Coh (Theatre Tresnja, Leading role: Snow White)
  • "Zagorka", director Ivica Boban (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Role: Contesa Nera)
  • "About Bears and People", director Sasa Anocic (Satirical Theatre Kerempuh, Role: Maryanne)
  • "Miffy", director Bruun Kuijt (Theatre Tresnja, Role: Nina)
  • "Judita", director Rene Medvesek (Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb, Role: Ozija, Eliakim)

  • 2009 "They Shoot Horses Don’t They?", director Ivica Boban (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Role: Lilian Bacon)
  • "The Devil and Demons", director Janusz Kica (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Role: Student)
  • "Rosemary Cow", director Ivica Simic (Theatre Mala Scena, Leading Role: Rosemary Cow)

  • 2008 "Fantasy" (Pygmalion), director Nina Kleflin (Croatian National Theatre, Sibenik, Leading Role: Anka Prpalo; Co-author of Music & Lyrics

  • 2007 "Visiting Father Marin", director Josko Juvancic (Dubrovnik Summer Festival 58th, Role: Sweet boy)
  • "Threepenny Opera", director Kresimir Dolencic (Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Role: Dolly)

  • 2006 "Euridice", director Josko Sevo (Opening Ceremony, Dubrovnik Summer Festival 57th, Role: Venus)

  • 2003 "Hair", Musical, director Vlado Stefancic (Theater Komedija, Zagreb, Role: Tribe)


  • Best Supporting Actress - American International Film Festival ("Some Other Stories", May 2011)
  • Croatian National Award
    Nomination for The Best Young Actress Under Age 28 ("They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?", 2009)
    Nomination for The Best Young Actress Under Age 30, Operetta/Musical ("Fantasy", 2008)
  • Nomination for Actor Festival Award "Ivo Fici" ("Fantasy", 2009)
  • Special Actors Award for Students ("Euridice", 2007)


  • Laureate of the City of Paris/Institut Francais international Residency Programme at the Récollets Centre (Paris/France, 2018)
  • Croatian Ambassador for promoting Croatia’s accession to the European Union (2013)
  • Laureate of the City of Paris/Institut Francais international Residency Programme at the Récollets Centre (Paris/France, 2013)
  • Presenter - "Sheherezade", director Iva Srnec (Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski, Zagreb, 2010)
  • Music - CD "Nera" + 2 singles (released by Aquarius Records Croatia, 2004 & 2007; Co-author Music & Lyrics)
  • Athletics/Track and Field - Member of Croatian Women’s Youth National Team (1998)


Theater Guest Performances

  • "War and Peace", Bilbao, Spain (2013)
  • "They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?", International Theatre Festival "Academia", Omsk/Russia (2010)
  • "They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?", Ludwigshafen Festival/Germany (2009)
  • "Visiting Father Marin", Tribute to Marin Drzic Ceremony, Venice/Italy (2008)
  • "Marina Cvetajeva", SKOMRAHI, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Skopje/Macedonia (2007)

Film Festivals

  • "Nick" (Rotterdam 2012; Busan 2012)
  • "Some Other Stories" (Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina; Cinema City FF/Serbia; Warsaw/Poland; Montreal/Canada; Mannheim-Heidelberg/Germany; Taormina/Italy; Woman FF/France; SEE FF, L.A./USA; Valladolid/Spain; Cairo/Egypt; Sydney, Melbourne/Australia; Goteborg/Sweden; Sofia/Bulgaria... 2010/2011)


  • Casting Workshop with Kimberly Graham, Zagreb (2018)
  • Ecole des Maitres, Masters: RicciForte, JG Matricule 192102, Udine,Rome/Italy, Coimbra/Portugal, Bruxelles/Belgium, Zagreb/Croatia, Reims/France (2014)
  • Workshop “Clowns” Lee Delong, Zagreb/Croatia (2014)
  • Shakespeare’s Heightened Language (I,II,III) with Patsy Rodenburg, Michael Howard Studio, New York (2011)
  • Master Class with Emir Hadzihafisbegovic, Atelje 212, Belgrade/Serbia (2011)
  • Casting Workshop with Nancy Bishop, Sarajevo Film Festival (2010)
  • Acting Workshop with Leon Lucev, Jasmila Zbanic, Morgan Freeman, Sarajevo Talent Campus (2010)
  • The Michael Chekhov Technique in Practice - Module 4, Groznjan/Croatia (2009)
  • Academy of Dramatic Arts - University of Zagreb/Croatia - BA; MA degrees (2005/2010)
  • The Faculty of Economic Science – University of Zagreb/Croatia – B.Sc.Econ. (2001/2007)
  • Music school - piano, singing (1993/1998)